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Why is online Quran learning a better option?

The Holy Quran is, by far the most beneficial book as it is a gift from Allah to humankind. No book can be compared to the Holy Quran because this is the only book which is complete and all that humans will need till the end of times. With such a book given to humans by the Lord to take them out of darkness and into light, we must acknowledge its worth and learn the Quran to understand what it has to say. Hence, as Muslims it is our foremost duty to learn Quran. Like much of the reasons to choose online Quran learning, one major reason is that people do not have to travel anywhere to learn. .

In the fast-paced world we are living in, we have become so occupied that hardly anyone has time to go to an Islamic institute to learn the Quran. Even as parents, people need to think twice about enrolling their student in such an institute considering the conveyance and time concerns. All these concerns are put aside with Online Quran teaching.

what is online Quran learning?

Online Quran learning is an easy way for students to learn the Quran by hiring an online Quran teacher who can contact them through any Laptop/PC or any other device. Teaching services are available 24/7 and students can set their time with their teachers. Online classes with the teachers are through video and voice calls and students are taught and then tested as they read out the Quranic verses. These are one-on-one classes between the teacher and the students. There are many online institutes which offer online Quran learning courses. Courses being offered by online Islamic universities include:

  • Basic Noorani Qaeda Course
  • Learning Quran with Tajweed
  • Quran Translation Course
  • Memorization of Quran Course
  • Basic Islamic Learning for kids

Some online Islamic universities offer a short free trial period for your satisfaction with the teacher and the course before you register. One of the many reasons people choose online Quran learning courses over the traditional ones is that the fee is reasonable and can be paid online. The registration for the course is also online along with fee payment and teaching. The Quran courses are given through skype calls or through screen sharing with the teacher and tutors. Now that we have discussed what online Quran teaching is, we shall look at why it is considered as a better option by many people.

Why is online Quran learning is an easier option?

Every Muslim parent wants their child to learn Quran as it is among the foremost duties of a Muslim. Not only children, but new reverts or elders may also want to learn Quran the right way. And not everyone will have the opportunity to step out of their homes as many may have conveyance issues. At other instances, it may be hard to find a Qari for teaching, or they may be demanding a higher fee than necessary. That’s when online Quran learning comes in where you can learn the Quran without having to step out of the comfort of your home. Also, for the elderly people, who find it hard to go out, they can easily learn Quran from their homes. Considering all this, how is online Quran learning a better option? Here is why!


1. Time flexibility and less pressure

Online Quran classes mean flexibility of time and ease from pressure. How is this possible? When you Quran class is online, it depends on when you are easy to take it. There is no specific pressure of a particular time being allotted for the class. Based on your ease and convenience, you can set the time for your class with your Quran teacher. As there is no pressure of time, you can learn the Quran whenever it is convenient for you.

2. Accessibility for everyone

Irrespective of where you live, these online Quran classes can be accessed from anywhere around the world be it any region, nationality or ethnicity. You can be someone who wants to get back to their religion or simple be someone interested in learning about Quran, it really doesn’t matter. As long as you want to learn Quran, you can be a part of the online Quran learning session. Since it is accessible easily for everyone, even non-native speakers wanting to learn Arabic can join in. students can access tutorials, videos, live-streaming classes and blogs as a part of their learning program.

3. Reasonable pricing options

Most online Quranic institutes have different packages with different pricing options that one can choose from. From a detail in-depth learning course to a crash course in major teaching of Quran, you can opt the one that goes best with regard to your ease. For most part, Quran learning courses are affordable as well as being practical and easy. Also, in most cases the fee does not vary according to the regions. An overall affordable price is set so everyone can get most out of such courses.

4. Convenient and easy

In such courses, there is no pressure of memorizing or learning within a given time so the students can learn at their own pace. If anyone wants to start from the very basics, a native language scholar may be the best option as he/she can explain everything in great detail. Also, websites often have practice tests, exercises and modules that students can use to revise and test their performance. Overall, with these factors online learning of Quran becomes easy and convenient.

5. No travelling needed

Like much of the reasons to choose online learning for Quran, one major reason is that people do not have to travel anywhere to learn. They can stay in the comfort of their homes and learn Quran with ease. This reduces the time and cost otherwise used in travel. For elderly and children, travelling may become exhausting. In such a case, online classes for Quran learning can actually be the best option.

We, as Muslims, are aware of the importance of Quran in our lives. With such an easy way of learning Quran, everyone can access, learn and get maximum benefit out of it.

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