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Quran With Tajweed

Learning  Quran  with Tajweed is a frugal, skimping, secured, effortless and conductive way of using modern technology for the betterment of mankind. The main purpose for designing this program is to facilitate the Muslim community UK , USA , Australia of those countries where hiring Online Quran Tutor is not convenient or accessible.

Convenient & flexible Classes

Unique quran academy is providing both male and female highly qualified Online Quran Tutor who will help you in reading and understanding the Quran just by sitting at your home without any trouble of traveling. Online Quran Arabic Classes is the most convenient way due to easy access of internet and time-saving. Our Quran classes are specially designed for people living in any country.

Quran Teaching Methodology:

Our Quran Academy is providing safe and secure methods for Quran Teaching. Our Quran Academy has easy procedure of registration for Quran classes.There is no need for lengthy procedures of registration to start Quran classes with us in our Quran Academy and the students can start their Quran Classes from the very same day. we are providing one to one classes using Skype.

Female Quran Teacher For Female Students

We have both male and female teachers so if you want to female Quran tutor for your kid so we will also provide you Quran tutor. It is hard to find Best female Quran Teacher for female students to Teaching Quran Academy them at home. We have solved this problem for females who are reluctant to learn from male teachers. We have female Teacher who will teach to female students. Those female Teachers are equally qualified and they are Hafiza too. …

Welcome To Unique Online Quran Academy Pakistan

About us:

The unique Online Quran academy teaches Quran to beginners and experts in this field and lets you renew your knowledge about the Quran, its Translation and its Tafsir. We are a group of exceedingly competent tutors who aim at spreading the knowledge of the Quran and making its message easier for everyone to understand.

If you want to study from female tutors, we are also providing them to you who are also well educated, trained and are dedicated to teach female students and help female students increase their knowledge of the Quran and improve their Tajweed.

We are a non-partisan organization and don’t believe in sectarianism. We provide online Quran reading and teaching services globally irrespective of gender and age at very economical rates. Moreover, our online Quran Academy fees is affordable for everyone and it is worth the money.

Once you apply for it, then we offer you the courses according to your needs that are sufficient for you to learn from Noorani Qaeda, Tajweed rules and then the whole Holy Quran. Our Quran Academy offers online Quran classes on Skype that can be arranged at any given time according to the availability and feasibility of the student with the coordination of the teacher. As it is the period of technology, and everyone is in the hustle, and are going far away from Quran, the teachings of Allah (S.W.T), Now it is up to us, how we use technologies for our betterment or waste our time.

 key features of the Unique online Quran academy pakistan:

Following are the main key features of the Unique Online Quran Academy Pakistan :

  • A complete and comprehensive syllabus
  • Highly trained teachers
  • Live Quran lectures
  • Flexible class timings
  • One to one class ( interactive sessions )
  • Free trial classes
  • Male and female Quran teachers
  • Online Skype Quran Classes
  • Easy Quran learning facility both for kids and adults
  • Device convenience (Compatible with windows and android devices)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Active customer support

Online Quran academy- to help your kids learn Quran

In these modern times, every parent wants to provide their children with the best they can within the range of their sources. The best of everything such as lifestyle, health opportunities, and education. To survive and thrive in these times one needs to be equipped with a respectable education both worldly and religious.

When it comes to religion, it is the foremost duty of every parent to set their kids on the righteous path, the path towards Allah to please Allah. I address this article to those parents who care about their children’s religious education. The term “Religious Education”, in simple words I would say is the knowledge about Islam and its principles.

These principles include Quranic education at the top because the Quran contains the complete essence of Islam and its teachings and it is the manual on how to live life in its best way. Parents need to ensure that their children are should teach how to live this life according to the Quranic teachings s Online Quran Classes on Skype that they live their life on the right path.

Concerned parents, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have got a solution to your problems.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed
Source: freepik.com

First Online Quran Education For Kids:

THE ONLINE QURAN ACADEMY is a UNIQUE QURAN ACADEMY. Unique Online Quran Academy Pakistan offers Islamic Courses Online for kids and adults at an affordable price throughout the world. It’s a big advantage of getting online classes. Because you have to spend money while going to offline institutions but getting online classes is much better, comfortable and easier because of you and get Education while sitting in the living room, school or office.

This online Quran teaching platform provides you a chance to give your kids the best possible Quranic education. Class timings at our Online Quran academy is flexible. You can select the time that suits you the most and the students can take the class according to their schedule. This will be sufficient and more convenient. After joining Unique Online Quran Academy, we give you 3 days free trial class, so that if you have any queries or problems, you can discuss it with us and we will try to get them solved and you get satisfied. We have an active customer support team that will make you feel better and comfortable to cope with every problem or situation.

Another great feature is that if you are using any device, whether you are using on PC/ window or you are an Android user or an iPhone user, this online Quran Academy course is convenient and useful for every soul. Having the Quran in the heart makes a soul beautiful.

Why you should consider online Quran Academy?

Just a few reasons why you should consider this online Quran teaching and online Quran tutoring platform instead of a home tutor. When you consider all the hassle of going out and looking for a good, qualified tutor or a “Qari sahib”. Persuading him to come to your house at a particular time that works for you and him is just laborious.

Finally when you hire him for an hour-long session but you find him gone within 10 minutes. You start doubting whether he’s teaching your kids anything or just coming and going with the speed of light. You worry about how these tutors are very strict towards the kids and raise hands to them.

Then there’s this stigma about harassment and molestation of the poor innocent kids. And your heart feels for your kids because how can you be sure your tutor isn’t of that sort? Because I, myself have been a victim of such a vicious Qari Sahib. And honestly, these Qari sahibs have no deep knowledge of our beloved Quran. They just know how to read the Arabic text that’s all.

I won’t even talk about how toxic is the “Madrassa” culture in our country. The teachers exploit the beliefs of the poor kids and wash their brains who go to Madrasa. I will admit there are good and bad people, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is where the online Quran academy comes in for the rescue. You bypass all the above-mentioned unpleasantness and can be sure that your kids are out of the harms’ hands. Where you can closely monitor them and their progress.

Requirement To Join Online Quran Academy:

The online Quran academy ensures that you are educating by qualified and certified teachers. Moreover, some madrasa’s and Quran institute’s strict and unethical culture makes students run away from the love of the Quran rather than being pulled towards the love of the Quran.

This is where the online Quran academy comes in for the rescue. You bypass all the above-mentioned unpleasantness and can be sure that your kids are out of the harms’ hands. Where you can closely monitor them and their progress. Online Quran Academy provides you the best; safe and highly qualified services and programs ensuring that you are a satisfied student who will receive quality Quranic education in sha Allah.

  • PC or Phone
  • A good internet connection access
  • speakers / Headphones to listen
  • Microphone to speak
  • Skype app

Courses We Offer:

The Courses we offer includes:

  • The Basic Noorani Qaeda Course
  • Reading with Tajweed
  • Memorization ( Hifz ) Course
  • Quran translation Course
  • Tafseer Course
  • Tajweed Course
  • Islamic Studies for Kids

To learn more about courses or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are here for you and we will reply to you within 24 hours.


Once you hold the rope towards Allah (S.W.T), this will enlighten your lives and another end of the rope will be in Jannah. You get success in every aspect of your life.

Alhamdulillah, I am a Hafiz e Quran and I had a great journey from the time when I learned the Quran till the day today and In sha Allah in the future. May Allah help me and make me able to keep the Quran in my heart forever.

“If the Quran is gathered into a single vessel (i.e. the heart), Allah will never burn it in the Fire”

Unique online Quran Academy has also made Quran memorization really easy. Our trained and professional tutors will make it easier for you to achieve your goals, without much effort, On the condition that you revise Quran on a daily basis, otherwise, you will forget it for which you will have to face many problems, both in this world as well as on the day of judgment. By praying Taraweeh prayer during every Ramadan is also a great factor that enables you to keep the Quran in your mind and heart forever.

Even if you want to revise Quranic lessons on a daily basis, our teachers also listen to the lessons you prepared.Well, Reading and learning the Quran is important but You do not only need to read or learn the Quran, but understand the Quranic verses is also a very big factor. Implementation is much more important. If you do not implement the rules, regulations, and orders in your lives, then there is no need to pretend that you are learning Quran. After implementation, you should give lessons and start teaching Quran.


The Holy book or most religious book of Muslims is the Quran. The whole book comprises of words of Allah (S.W.T). It was revealed on our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the last 23 years of his life. The first revelation was in the cave of Hira and the Holy book Quran contains 114 chapters and 7 manzils.

The whole revelation period is divided into the Makki period and the Madni period. Makki period is of 13 years and 86 surahs are revealed during this period while period spans the time of 10 years and 28 surahs are revealed during this time. A Makki chapter meaning the surahs or verses were sent to Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon Him) before Hijrah. While Madani chapter was sent after Hijrah.

There is no verse in the Quran which says that Allah’s revelation to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) is outside the Quran. It is the book of guidance, knowledge, and wisdom. It is the solution to all the problems in the universe. It’s text remained unchanged since 1500 years passed due to the fact because of Allah (S.W.T) himself is responsible for it. The other books and testaments revealed on different Prophets before Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was changed because the responsibility of taking care of the books was given to human beings.

Allah says He has revealed the Quran and He will protect it (15:9).


We have to read, understand and learn the Quran but it is not possible to do it by yourself. You must have a platform from where you get Quranic Education and understand Quran’s Tafseer in detail and Tajweed rules. After learning, you have to practice all the teaching of the Quran day by day.

Those who do not judge matters according to what Allah has revealed are Kaafirs.

There is no problem for people living in Islamic countries to get Quranic Education but in other countries, it is quite difficult to learn the Quran. So, for them reading the Quran online is a good option. The question arises, which online Quran teaching platform is best for you?

There are many good online Quran tutoring platforms but among them, one of the best platforms is the Unique Online Quran Academy that will ensure to be the best online Quran Academy operating from Pakistan.

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